November 15 – 19, 2021

By November 14, 2021 Ms. Christie Stadler


Eagle Store – Wednesdays at lunch

Kids’ Club – Our next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 19th, 3:20 – 4:30.  I will send a reminder a day or so before.  You can pick your child up in the carpool lane—we will bring the kids to you.   STUDENTS MAY WEAR THEIR KIDS’ CLUB T-SHIRTS THAT DAY WITH UNIFORM BOTTOMS IF THEY WANT.

School closed Nov. 22 – 26 for Thanksgiving.  Our class party is Friday, Nov. 19th.  There is a special Thanksgiving chapel at 1:30 in the sanctuary, followed by the class party in the classroom.

SNACKS:  16 students
Monday:   Olivia

Tuesday:  Michael
Wednesday:  M.J.
Thursday:  Nolan
Friday:  John

TESTS AND HOMEWORK – NOV. 15 – 19, 2021

Tuesday : Writing, Reading Comprehension
Wednesday:  Math – counting money, writing combinations, writing sums and differences, identifying numbers, whole and half, story problem, measures.
Thursday:   Phonics – written test –write blends, write the special sound in words, circle special sounds in words, words from Spelling List 9; Spelling – List 9
​Friday:  Bible memory verse and story tests

Bible:   This week’s Bible memory verse is “The Lord is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit.”  Psalm 34:18.  The Bible story is Jacob’s Ladder (Gen. 27:41-45 and 28:10-22).  We will also talk about the first Thanksgiving and why the pilgrims decided to risk their lives to go to a new land.

Math:  Practice Addition and Subtraction Families 1 – 8; combining pennies, nickels, and dimes (count by ones, fives, and tens—always start with the highest value coin first); telling time to the hour; greatest and least of 3 numbers; measures; place value (ones, tens, and hundreds place); one half and one whole; review Arithmetic worksheets.

Phonics/Spelling:  Practice Charts 6 – 9; practice blends and words with special sounds in Handbook for Reading; say short and long vowel words to your child and have him/her sound them out and write them; practice Spelling words every day (have child write words as you dictate them or spell them to you orally).

Spelling List 9 (for test on Thurs.) – round, shout, cloud, south, cow, now, down, brown, clown, crown, town, slow, snow, what, was, when
Spelling List 10 (to be introduced Thurs. for next week’s test) – her, serve, purse, burn, curl, turn, dirt, first, girl, sir, stir, shirt, third, what, who, where

Language:  We are working on Chap. 8 – still classifying sentences.   Also, help your child determine if a noun is singular/plural/common/proper.  You could write or dictate statements and questions for your child to write correctly, including capitals and punctuation.  They are to write the capitalization rule numbers they use when rewriting the sentences correctly.

Reading:  See the reading homework calendar.  Don’t forget to initial each date after you listen to your child read.

Writing:  Your student needs to practice at home if he/she is not getting A’s on writing tests.

Social Studies:  No homework.

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