October 4th – 8th

Bible Verse:

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3


Spelling Words

supply violin deny guide highest
politely pioneer quiet final realizes
height microwave quite brightest question
answer biannual triathlon triangle bivalves


 Test Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling   Pretest   Test  
Bible Lesson 5 test

(Lesson 6 test – next Monday)

Math     Chapter 2 test    
Language       Unit 3 Quiz on capitalization & punctuation (up to pg. 52)  
Literature       Test on Secret in the Maple

Ch. 1-5 (vocab. Included)

Science       BLM 2.3A due (in green folder)     50 point grade  
Social Studies       Homework sheet due (in green folder)                50 point grade  

 Test Schedule


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