Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Fifth Grade! My name is Mrs. Milton and I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this year. I have been teaching for 36.5 years and I retired in 2021 from St. Tammany Public Schools. I love teaching and it is my calling. Even though I retired, God knew I had a lot of teaching left to do, so He led me to FBCS. I have taught second grade, third grade, fifth grade, and I have been an elementary school librarian. Fifth grade is my favorite grade to teach.

I am honored to teach your child. I am looking forward to seeing each individual child grow academically and spiritually. We are going to have a great year as we work together helping your child succeed.


Your child will be assigned their agenda, textbooks, and workbooks for the year. Please cover the textbooks with BROWN PAPER (no cloth covers). I will begin sending textbooks home to be covered on Monday, August 8th. I will send home two or three textbooks at a time. I am hoping we get all textbooks covered the first week of school.

Please do not allow any tape to touch the books, because the tape causes damage to the books.

Bible: Purposeful Design Grade 5 Edition Workbook

Literature: Mosdos Press Literature Coral Textbook

Math: Purposeful Design Mathematics Grade 5 Workbook

English: God’s Gift of Language B

Science: Purposeful Design Science Level Five

Social Studies: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; The United States: The Making of a New Nation



The students will have an opportunity to eat a snack in the morning as long as the classroom stays clean and free of snack trash on the floor. Please send snacks that are not high in sugar, especially candy. Also, please be sure the snack is a finger-food and does not require eating utensils.


Please remember that if you send party invitations to school, each child in our class must receive one. Treats for birthdays can be brought to the office.


Make sure to check it weekly for updates and reminders.

Email address: [email protected]  I will check emails only during the morning upon arrival to school, during my planning time, and after school. To find my school website:, go to student services, class updates, then Mrs. Milton.

Positive Behavior:

In our classroom, there are non-negotiable rules:

  1. Listen and show respect while others are talking.
  2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  4. Take care of our classroom and school.
  5. Work quietly and play safely.


In our classroom, we have a conduct chart with push pins. Positive behavior allows you child to move on the chart until the end of the row. Once your child has reached the end of the row, he/she will receive a coupon for a reward of their choosing from the reward “shopping list”. Your child can spend the coupon upon receiving or he/she can accumulate coupons and spend at his/her choosing. Redeeming coupons will only be allowed in the morning before school or in the afternoon right before dismissal.

Each day your child begins with 5 behavior points. If your child has no push backs, the student will receive full conduct credit for the day. If you child breaks any classroom or school rule, he/she will push back the pin. A red push pin will be used to indicate the push back. One point will be deducted from the behavior grade for each push back your child makes each day. I always give warnings to the student whenever behavior becomes an issue. Push backs are used whenever the student is unable to correct the behavior without a consequence.


Your child’s conduct grade will be posted on Headmaster by Tuesday of each week. Every day he/she have the opportunity to earn 5 conduct points for a 20-point weekly conduct grade. In our classroom, we have a conduct chart with push pins. Below are the consequences associated with each behavior level.

Level 5: The student will receive full conduct credit for the day. (5/5 points)

Level 4: I will remind the student of my expectations and one point will be deducted.  (4/5 points)

Level 3: I will give a verbal warning and reteach the expectation and two points will be deducted. (3/5 points)

Level 2: I will conference with the student and three points will be deducted. (2/5 points)

Level 1: The student will receive a write-up, parental contact and

four points will be deducted. (1/5 points)

Level 0: Possible administration involvement, parental contact, and

the student will lose all points for the day. (0/5 points)

I am looking forward to a fantastic school year.

Kathryn Milton, M.Ed.

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