September 14-18 Assignments & Assessments

By September 11, 2020 September 15th, 2020 English 8

UPDATE–QUIZ: On Wednesday, September 16th,  we will have a 50-point QUIZ on identifying subjects and verbs, including compound subjects and verbs. This quiz was originally scheduled for Monday. We will have quick review before taking it. Diagramming WILL NOT be on the quiz or any future tests! Review p. 58-61; 63 of grammar workbook.

UPDATE–TEST: On Wednesday, September 23rd, we will have a memorization test for ALL prepositions: memorize this song (start at 0:41 seconds):

This week:
-We will learn prepositional phrases (p. 260-265)
-We will continue with compound subjects and verbs (p. 64-66)
-We will introduce action verbs vs. linking verbs (p. 89-91)

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