September 9th & 10th


I hope you all are doing well in the midst of the last 2 weeks. I wanted to let you know that we will not be testing this week, but will be mostly reviewing. Hopefully, this will alleviate some stress and let us get back into the swing of things before testing next week.

Starting next Monday, I will be sending home a homework / test folder. These folders will have any homework that is to be done during the week, as well as graded test papers that need to be signed and returned. Your child is expected to have their homework completed and test papers signed and on my desk by Thursday morning. When a student turns in late homework, only 60% of the grade will be given (unless your child has been out excused or an emergency occurs). Late homework will only be accepted for 1 week after the due date. Any student without signed papers will receive a recess detention. Just to note: if seatwork / classwork is left incomplete by the end of class, it is expected to be finished by the following morning. For example, if we are working on vocabulary and your child does not finish in class, it should be taken home and done by the next morning.

*this folder will be replacing the BEE binder. If your child has not already brought home the BEE binder, I will be sending it with them this week*

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