This Week’s Suggested Assignments

Chapter: 31
Section: 1
Pages: 941–946

1.  Which Chinese leader advocated the Four Modernizations?

2.  Despite its successes, what did the Four Modernizations fail to achieve?

3.  What did students want by protesting at Tiananmen Square?

4.  Where did the Tiananmen Square demonstrations take place?

5.  What caused China to become involved in the Korean War?

Chapter: 31
Section: 2
Pages: 952–956

6.  Which Indian nation was home to many Sikh people?

7.  How was Indira Gandhi assassinated?

8.  What nation was formerly known as East Pakistan?

9.  Which nation owned Vietnam until 1954?

Chapter: 31
Section: 3
Pages: 957–962

10.  What was the name of the Communist guerrillas in South Vietnam?

11.  Which nation did the Khmer Rouge rule?

12.  Which nation’s economy was described as “state capitalism”?

13.  Under which leader did South Korea become an ”Asian tiger”?

14.  What factors led to the “Japanese Miracle”?

Chapter: 32
Section: 1
Pages: 969–971, 973

15.  Who authored the book Silent Spring?

16.  Which field of science was developed after Silent Spring?

17.  How much of the world’s plant and animal species are supported by rainforests?

18.  How is acid rain formed?

Chapter: 32
Section: 1
Pages: 969–971, 973

19.  In what are chlorofluorocarbons used?

20.  What gas is believed to be responsible for the Greenhouse effect?

21.  What happened at Chernobyl in 1986?

22.  Where did the 1992 Earth Summit take place?

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