Week of April 20-24

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I hope that everyone was able to enjoy a change of pace last week with Easter. This week’s activity/challenge is to try to break an egg with just one hand. Eggs are pretty fragile things, they break if you drop them on the ground or hit them on the edge of the counter. So can you break an egg just by squeezing it with one hand?? I would love to see videos of you trying it out. Enjoy the challenge.


I will try to email a video out to everyone, it unfortunately was too large to download here. Below are the rules/guidelines:

The egg must be squeezed by only one hand.

You may not hit your hand against your other hand or anything else.

If you would like to wrap the egg in plastic cling wrap to keep from getting raw egg on your hand, then feel free. You can also do it without the plastic wrap.

The egg must be placed on its side in the palm of your hand and make sure you can wrap your fingers around the egg like the images below. 

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