Week of April 25

Week of April 25, 2022 Bible verse (Lesson 25)
Psalm 143:10 Teach me to do Your will, for you are my God! Let you good Spirit lead me on level ground!


Spelling Words, Lesson 31
fittest skipped admitted shredded pardoned
ransomed blossomed opening beginning swimming
forgetting sharpening huggable reasonable January
February profited profiting profitless profitable


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Spelling   Pretest     Test
Bible Test Monday, May 2nd (Lesson 25, Psalm 143:10)        
Math       Quiz (Division by multiples of 10 & 100 & with remainders – see pg. 214-217)  
Language         Test – using words correctly, Unit 14 (pg. 231-255)
Literature     Test – Underwater Rescue (comprehension)    
Social Studies     Vocabulary Quiz (Ch. 6, lessons 3-4)    



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