Week of April 3

Week of April 3, 2023


Monday, April 3- Field Trip


Each week, I will send home the test folder with the past week’s test graded for you to see and sign the signature form. Please return the test with graded tests in the folder the next day.

Test Schedule

Wednesday, April 5- Math Speed Drill

Thursday, April 6- Bible Test – only memory verse, and classwork will be graded

Spelling Test


Math- worksheet in homework folder due Thursday; continue practicing division and multiplication facts (0-10) using flash cards, IPAD, phone, computer, games, etc.

Spelling List 30 Review – study these words for test:

  1. icicle
  2. cities
  3. ascend
  4. modern
  5. angle
  6. judge
  7. badge
  8. gasoline
  9. aglow
  10. preschool
  11. unthinkable
  12. rewrote
  13. gliding
  14. happier
  15. stopped
  16. tinier
  17. lazily
  18. careless
  19. forgetful
  20. soldiers

Bible- memorize Memory Verse:  John 11:25, “Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will have life, even if he dies.”

Reading- read an A.R. book for 15 minutes each night. When they are finished reading it, they can take a test on it at school, new point goal has been set.  This nine weeks, the AR grade is just based on reaching their point goal.

Study for upcoming tests:

Math – Speed Drill, students will have 3 minutes to divide by 6

Bible- test will only be the memory verse this week, and classwork will be collected for a grade

Reading- no test this week, we will be doing reading comprehension practice skills in class for a grade

Weekly Focus:

Bible-story of Easter: Passion week, Jesus’ death and resurrection, His ascension

Reading- we will be doing reading comprehension practice skills. We will continue Charlotte’s Web after the break

Math- Ch 10 Fractions: Equivalent fractions pg 287-288, Add fractions pg 289-290, Subtract fractions pg 291-292; vocabulary: Numerator- the number written above the fraction line. Denominator- the number written below the fraction line.

English- writing a descriptive paragraph assignment, and Ch 11: identify sentences with mixed sentence patterns, identify beginning and ending quotes, vocab- generous

Social Studies- Ch 4 struggle in North America: lesson 2- a new nation pg 66-69, making a timeline pg70-71


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