Week of August 10th

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Week of August 10th

Week 1



Summer Reading Log is DUE August 14th. If your child wasn’t a student at this school last year, this doesn’t apply to you.

Plant Poster Project is DUE August 24th. See the email sent on August 11th to see what plant you child picked and the rubric for the project.



Test Schedule


Cursive – Manuscript Test (this isn’t something to study, it’s to make sure they know how to write correctly in print)

Math – Grade 2 Math Assessment (this is to see where they are in Math. It will be a completion grade NOT graded on right or wrong answers)



Spelling List 1 Test (their packet for that week has the words in a light brown box on the right side. You also have the lists in the folder I gave you on meet and greet day. If you can’t find the fold all the pages are under uploads on my website)

Math – Speed Drill 1.3B (students will be given 10 simple addition problems and will have 2 mins to complete them all)





Monday: Half Day! Pick up is at 11:30 am (No lunch provided today)

Students will go through all the class rules and COVID rules for the school. We will also go through classroom procedures as well.


Tuesday First Full Day! 

Bible – Practicing and recording for our Bible Chapel. I will let you know more about chapel once it gets closer to September. As of right now we are doing in class chapel and recording our chapel to play on video.


Language – Chapter 1 Lesson 1- Textbook pg. 1  Sing and Practice our Quigley Jingle


Math – Grade 2 Assessment Worksheets (graded for completeness)


Reading – Lesson 1 – Read First Day Jitters on Epic, Review what the cover, contents, and glossary is in their reading books, Complete pgs. 1-2 in workbook


Science – Students will draw their plant on the front cover of their packets. They will choose a plant for their plant poster projects (due date will be announced as well as a rubric will be sent out through email)

Spelling – packet pgs. 1-2

Cursive – Manuscript Test 1





Bible – Chapel Day


Language – Chapter 1 Lesson 2 – Textbook pgs. 2-7, Packet pg. 1


Math – Chapter 1 Lesson 1 – Packet pgs. 3-4


Reading – Lesson 2 – Reading Book pgs. 2-10, Workbook pgs. 3-4


Science – Chapter 1 Lesson 1.1 – Packet pgs. 3-4


Spelling – Packet pg. 3


Cursive – Packet pg. 1





Bible – Continue practicing and recording our class chapel


Language – Chapter 1 Lesson 3- Textbook pgs. 8-13, Packet pg. 3


Math – Chapter 1 Lesson 2 – Packet pgs. 5-6


Reading – Reread pgs. 3-10, discuss pg. 11 together , complete workbook pgs. 5-6 (turned in as a completion grade)


Science – Going over the Plant project Rubric together in class. We  will determine the due date this day and it will be emailed to you as well as another copy of the project rubric.


Spelling – Packet pg. 4


Cursive – Packet pg. 2






Bible – Finish recording our class chapel


Language – Chapter 1 Lesson 4 – Textbook pgs. 14-16, Discuss References 5 and 6


Math – Chapter 1 Lesson 3 – Packet pgs. 7-8, Speed Drill 1.3B (students will be given 10 addition problems and will only be given 2 mins to complete it. These are simple addition problems)


Reading – Lesson 4 – Read pgs. 12-18 in their reading book, Workbook pgs. 7-8


Science – Lessons 1.2-1.3 – Packet pgs. 5-8


Spelling – List 1 Test


Cursive – Packet pg. 3



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