Week of August 22


Monday, August 22—School Pictures—Wear your best uniform

Wednesday—Eagle Store: bring money for a store set up at lunchtime

Bible Verse—Recite—Exodus 4:12 Now go! I will help you speak. I will tell you what to say.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling p. 9 p. 10 p. 11 p. 12 Test
Cursive p. 11

Homework due Friday: Pages 10, 15

p. 12 p.  13 p. 14 Test
Bible p. 9 p. 10-11 Chapel p. 12 Test
Reading p. 21-22


p. 23-24 p. 25-26

p. 27-28 (Test turned in during class)

p.  29-30 Comprehension test

(nothing to study)

Language In class writing assignment None Classroom practice 4 Classroom practice 5 Classroom Practice 6
Math p. 21-22

Homework Due Thursday:

BLM 1.9 A-C

p. 23-24

p. 25-26 (game to cut out)

p. 27-28

p. 29-30

Chapter 1 Test p. 33-34

p. 35-36

Science p. 25-26

Plant Project Due August 30

p. 27-28 p. 29-30 p.31-32 Plant Video


Test Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Speed Drill addition to 10 None Speed Drill subtraction up to 10 -__=___ Math Test Chapter 1 Spelling Test


Handwriting Test


Bible and Bible Verse Test


Reading Comprehension Test


Speed Drill Subtraction

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