Week of August 23rd

Bible Verse


2 Timothy 3:16-17 “All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”


Spelling List 3:

  1. hotel
  2. selfish
  3. meant
  4. breath
  5. instead
  6. several
  7. leather
  8. Mexico
  9. protect
  10. already
  11. connect
  12. pleasant
  13. seventeen
  14. everybody
  15. music
  16. during
  17. envelope
  18. entrance
  19. expedition
  20. exclamation


Test Schedule:

***It is very important that you review your child’s WB (workbook) daily with them. This will help if they are struggling to understand a particular concept. Workbooks also can aide as a study guide for any upcoming tests. These WB pages are done daily in class and then gone over together. I however cannot check each child’s individually, so your help in this area is vital. On the day of the lesson, if time does not permit, they will be for homework and we will review them the following day.



Language/English – Unit 1 (Tuesday, August 24th)

Sentence or fragment, capitalization, punctuation, identifying the 4 types of sentences, and making sentences more interesting)


Literature/Reading – Unit 1, Supergrandpa (Tuesday, August 24th)


Social Studies – Vocabulary quiz on lessons 1-3 (Thursday, August 25th)

Unit 1 test (Monday, August 30th)


Spelling- Pretest (Tuesday, August 24th) and Test (Friday, August 27th)


Bible- Lesson 1 & 2 (Friday, August 27th)

***review WB***


Math – Chapter 1 (Monday, August 30th)

We will continue with the remainder of Chapter 1 this week. (some of the concepts presented  were reading and writing numbers to hundred millions, recognizing the place value of digits, comparing numbers, identifying odd and even numbers, and using ordinal numbers. The chapter included the problem-solving skill of estimation)





***review WB daily for completion and comprehension***


Spelling – study for upcoming test


Bible – any incomplete WB pages that were done in class & study for upcoming tests


Math – worksheet due Wednesday (explore: how big is a million) & study for upcoming tests


Language – study for upcoming tests


Social Studies – finish vocabulary for lessons 4-5 (pg. 44 &49) and Landforms of the U.S. map by Wednesday, August 25th


  • Jessica Eady says:

    Lilys mom here, I’m srdy I’m confused on how the test scedule is written in here. Can you please retype here the test schedule by subject on their days plz. Also I do not see where reading test was today August 24th, and lily voiced she was tested in reading. We are very academic and care strong about our grades. I want to make sure theirs clear clarity on tests so she is prepared. She’s already taken 2 tests that I was not aware of from whats listed here

    Ms eady

  • Amanda Swanson says:

    Hi Ms Eady.

    Yes, there have been 2 tests given. They are both listed right under ‘test schedule.’ Announcements were made in class and I have the test schedule written out on the board in my room. I will be posting the test schedules every Friday so that those who want ample time to study may have it. I know there was a bit of transition from the last weeks until now, but hopefully this will help.

    Mrs. Swanson

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