Week of August 31

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Friday, September 4, 2020 is college colors day. Students can wear a college color shirt, jeans, and any tennis shoes.



 Monday: Math test 1

Tuesday: Math speed drill pretest

Wednesday: Writing test 2




Math: Math test 1. Workbook pages 29-30

Social Studies: Create a hand drawing of the American Flag

Science: Workbook pages 29-30. Salt water experiment

Writing: Worksheet the letters “b” and “n”



Math: Workbook pages 31-32

Social Studies: Workbook pages I3 – I4. Learn about the globe

Science: Workbook pages 31-32. Review the parts of a fish

Writing: Worksheet the letters “a” and “h”



Math: Workbook pages 33-34

Social Studies: Workbook pages 5-6

Science: Workbook pages 33-34

Writing: Worksheet the letter “r” and practice writing names. Writing test



Math: Workbook pages 35-36

Social Studies: Workbook pages 7-8

Science: Workbook pages 35-36

Writing: Practice writing sentences.



Math: Workbook pages 37-38

Social Studies: Workbook pages 9-10

Science: Workbook pages 37-38

Writing: Continue practicing sentences



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