Week of January 11th

By January 6, 2021 January 7th, 2021 Mrs. Kirsten Delaughter


I just wanted to thank everyone for the Christmas gifts that were given to me before Christmas break! I loved each and every gift and I am so grateful! I also want to thank everyone who contributed to the Christmas party. The students loved the food and their stockings full of goodies!

Homecoming week!!

Monday: Pajama day. Students can also bring a stuffed animal but it cannot be bigger than 12 inches.

Tuesday: Look a like day.

Wednesday: Sports day. College or NFL

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

Friday: Spirit day.


Monday: Liberty

Tuesday: Audree

Wednesday: Cooper

Thursday: Haden

Friday: Reagan


Tuesday: Science solar system test (study guide found under uploads)

Wednesday: Math test 14 (mark the number that comes between, circle the thermometer that shows the hottest temperature, mark the correct amount of cents, circle one dozen candy canes, write the sums and differences, 2 cups = 1 pint, count by ones, word problems) and speed drill 14

Thursday: Handwriting test 13

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