Friday: Math speed drill 13.



Writing: Page 114

Math: Page 123. Write the sums and differences, count how many cents, write the number looking at the tens and ones place.

Social Studies: Page 49. Discuss the pet shopping list. Review the term “goods”. Ask students to name some goods that are needed in order to take care of a dog.

Science: Review the terms telescope, stars, orbit, planets, and solar system.


Writing: Page 115

Math: Page 124. Write the addition and subtraction facts, word problems, divide the food into halves, circle one half of the dots on each card.

Social Studies: Page 50. Allow students to complete the chart.

Science: Teach students the solar system song. Complete the solar system activity where students will glue their planets in the correct order from the sun.


Writing: Page 116

Math: Pages 125-126. Count by twos and color the turkey, count how many cents, write the sums and differences and color the picture.

Social Studies: Page 51. Complete the work chart.

Science: Complete crossword puzzle worksheet on the planets. Go over which planet is best known for the large rings that circle it, the smallest planet, the red planet, the planet that we know best, and the largest planet.


Writing: Page 117

Math: Pages 127-128. Count by ones, color the apples with numbers that are greater than 50 red, write what time the clock reads, circle the number that is greatest, what is the temperature.

Social Studies: Page 52. Allow the students to complete the chart to show what they learned about volunteering.

Science: Review for test


Writing: Page 118

Math: Speed drill 13. Page 129. Count from 101 to 150. Color the even numbers yellow and the odd numbers green, write the before and after numbers by ones, write the sums and differences.

Social Studies: Page 53. Introduce the terms buy, sell, and save.

Science: Review for test


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