Week of March 22nd – 26th

Week of March 22nd announcements: 

Quiz on Spanish Greetings vocabulary – Wednesday (See chart below)

  • Know the proper greetings to use during different times of the day
  • Know the proper phrases to say goodbye during different times of the night
  • Know the phrases to ask and tell how someone is

Spanish-speaking country project due March 29th 

We will begin presentations on the 29th and continue them through the 30th

Test 1 – Wednesday, March 31st 


Week Overview:


  • Continue: compose basic conversations utilizing Spanish greetings and introductions
  • Difference between usted vs tú
  • Follow classroom commands in Spanish
  • Be able to read and write Spanish numbers 0-100

Monday: Tú vs usted (Page 5 in textbook)

  • Informal and formal you – Yellow box page 5 in textbook
  • How to greet elders, people of higher authority vs greeting friends/cousins/people around your age or younger
  • Reading dialogue practice exercises 4-6 – page 5 in textbook
  • Workbook – page 2

Tuesday: Introduction to classroom commands – (Page 6 in textbook)

  • Exercise 7 – page 6 in textbook

Wednesday: Quiz 1 – Spanish Greetings

If time allotted after quiz: Begin intro to Spanish numbers

Thursday: Introduction to Spanish numbers 0-30 (Page 7)

  • Speaking practice using numbers 0-10
    • Depending on the mastery of 0-10, we will move on to 11-20 and 20-30 (Some students haven’t had exposure to Spanish before so we will move at the appropriate pace for all students)
  • Exercise 8-9 – Page 7 in textbook

Friday: Country of the day – Spain

  • Learning about Spain’s culture, popular foods, tourist spots, history, and facts

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