Week of March 23-27

By March 22, 2020 Math 6


My email address is: [email protected] Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


I have already updated Khan Academy with this weeks assignments. Students need to complete the following lessons no later than Friday, March 27 at midnight:

Visualize Ratios
Ratio Application
This week I gave kids credit for completing work on Khan Academy regardless of whether or no it was the actual assignment, next week I will not. Please ensure that your child selects assignments on the left side of the screen after they log in. Then they need to complete the lessons I mentioned above. If you have any questions about how to locate the assignments, then please let me know.
Also, there are two accounts that I cannot give credit for because I am unsure of who they belong to, Nebraska26 and Vocachi. If one of these accounts belong to your student, then please let me know. Thanks!!

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