Week of March 23-27

By March 22, 2020 Science 6


Students should complete the following assignments no later than Friday, March 27 at midnight:

  1. Read pg. 154-157
  2. Complete the review questions below and email the questions and answers to me.
  3. Watch the video from the following link on the digestive system https://youtu.be/Og5xAdC8EUI


Review questions and answers can be written on looseleaf or typed.

  1. To which system do alveoli belong?
  2. To which systems does the diaphragm belong?
  3. What do capillaries connect?
  4. What is the function of the urinary system?
  5. Name two waste products resulting from cellular respiration.
  6. What is the purpose villi?
  7. What is the partially digested food leaving the stomach called?
  8. What does chyme have to pass through before entering the small intestine?

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