Week of May 9


Wednesday –Chapel and Eagle store

Thursday– Library books due

Kids Club – Our last Kids’ Club will be our end-of-the-year water slide party on Tuesday May 17th, 11:30 to 1:00.  Kids should bring a towel and a change of clothes.  We’ll have pizza and fruit!

Test Schedule:

Monday- Handwriting Test

Tuesday- Reading Comprehension

Wednesday- Math Test, Math Speed Drills

Thursday- Phonics Tests- written and oral, Spelling Test

Friday- Bible Story Test, Memory Verse Test, Social Studies Test

Homework (material to review and practice for tests)

Seatwork- Each week, I will send home any unfinished worksheets that students have not finished in class for homework. If your child has a lot of pages, I encourage them to do only a page or two a night. Please use these pages to review and practice the concepts we are learning. Also, I will send home checked seatwork to use to review.

Mathwritten-telling time, temperature, identifying half of a group of objects, place value, count by ones, counting money, identifying greater than, less than or equal with numbers or fractions, solving story problems, adding doubles up to 9+9, measures such as 1 pound=16oz, 1 week=7days, 1 yard=36in, 1 foot=12in, etc.,  addition and subtraction facts Families 1-13; and Speed Drill – students have 2 minutes to complete 12 addition and subtraction problems (4 sets of these) including adding and subtracting up to 3 numbers

PHONICS:  For written test– write special sounds in words (study Chart 10,11,12,13), write words with special sounds and spelling words, and oral test -practice reading one-and two-syllable words with one or two vowels, and words with special sounds from Chart 6,7,8,9,10,11.

The Handbook for Reading (apple book) is your “Phonics Bible”. Have your child read letter sounds, blends with long and short vowel sounds, and words to you. You could also dictate sounds, blends, and clue words for special sounds to your child for him/her to write. Your child should be memorizing the special sounds and clue words for Charts 6 and 7.  We learn these so that students can use this when sounding out new words.  They should read each special sound and clue word and then spell them (example:  “ck in duck, c – k”).  You could make a matching game with the clue words on one type of card and the special sounds on another, mix them up, and have your child match the clue word with the special sound.  Note:  blends should be read as one sound, not sounding out each letter (example:  “la”, not “l – a”).

Spelling: For homework, I sent home a Spelling Bee sheet. Students need to write their words 3 times by Thursday and return in their red folder on Thursday for extra points. Each day students should study their words.

For the test this week, study these words: List 29- old, cold, fold, gold, child, mild, wild, blind, find, kind, mind, comb, climb, Father, some

For next week, study these words: List 30- lace, face, grace, price, mice, ice, cent, city, circus, pencil, circle, bicycle, put, pull, push


Bible: Bible verse (due on May 13) – Matthew 22:37-39 “He said to him, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the greatest and most important commandment.  The second is like it:  Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Bible stories for this week are Crucifixion of Jesus (Luke 23:26-49) and Resurrection of Jesus (Luke 23:50-24:12)

HANDWRITING: As a motivation to write neatly on handwriting tests, I am allowing any student who earns an A on the handwriting does not have to do one seatwork page for handwriting.

If your child is not getting A’s on the Writing tests, he/she should practice writing at home using lined paper that we use at school (with dotted lines in the middle).  You could have your child write the spelling words, his/her name (which is also graded on the writing tests).   Using the Manuscript Guide (copy in your Orientation packet), have your child practice writing the alphabet and numbers, and words. Make sure that they are holding their pencils correctly.

Language:  We are in Chapter 14 in Shurley English.  Students will choose a topic for a group or words and for a paragraph. Review with your child the worksheets that are sent home.

Reading: Comprehension Test will include a short story and questions about the story. Please read the assigned pages each day from the reading calendar and initial the date on the calendar after reading. The reading calendar can be folded and kept in the reader or in the red folder.

Social Studies Unit 5- Meeting new people- learning about different customs and cultures. We will have a test on Friday. Students will bring home worksheets to review. Also below are vocabulary words to know for our test:

Culture- a group’s way of life

History- the story of what happened in the past

Immigrant- a person from another part of the world who has come to live in this country

Custom- a group’s way of doing something

Role- the part a person plays in a group he or she belongs to

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