Week of November 28-December 2, 2022

By November 27, 2022 Mrs. Amanda Swanson
The Bible grade for this week (100pts.) will be based on participation & conduct during the Christmas play practice/rehearsals.


Test Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling Pre-test Lesson 16 Test
Bible Christmas play practice all week
Math Green Folder goes out with math sheet

(50 pts.)

Green Folder math sheet DUE (50pts.) – Late work will not be accepted
Language Test- choosing the better sentence, punctuation, capitalization, finding subjects and verbs within a sentence, common and proper nouns (see pgs. 143-145 as a review)
Literature Vocabulary test (SIM, Ch. 16-19)
Social Studies Quiz, Ch. 3 Vocabulary & Time Line Skills (see pg. 106-107 for skills)


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