Weekly Tests and Quizzes Schedule

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Third Nine Weeks

Week of March 1st –  Quiz on Thursday, Mar 4th on Adding, Subtracting rational expressions

Week of Feb 22nd –  Quiz on Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expression on Friday

Virtual Assignments:  Worksheet 4 – 2 Enrichment Patterns in Pascal’s Triangle

Worksheet 4  8 Enrichment Radical Notation

Worksheet 3- 4 Skills Practice Solving Quadratic Equations

All work due MONDAY, Feb. 22nd


Week of February 8th

Test on CHapter Five on THursday

Week of February 1st

Quiz on inverse function and square root graph

Week of January 25th

Quiz 5.1 – 5.2 on Friday


Week of January 18th

Quiz on Section 4.1 and 4.3 on Thursday












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