Welcome to First Grade!

July 12, 2021

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  I look forward to meeting my new class on August 4th.  You will be receiving a postcard in the mail with Meet and Greet info soon.  Please bring all school supplies to the Meet and Greet!  I will give you an information packet at Meet and Greet which I hope will answer most of your questions about how my classroom works:  subjects, classroom rules, grading, etc.  Also, email me ASAP if your child has a nickname that I should use when labelling books, desks, etc.  When our class list is finalized, I will compile all parents’ email addresses on a “master list” and send you a test email.  Get back to me as soon as you receive it so I can make sure I have everyone’s correct email addresses.

First Baptist School is a great school, and we are going to have a super year!

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