January 17-20, 2023

By January 16, 2023 January 20th, 2023 Mrs. Kathryn Milton

January 17-20, 2023

Study Guide                                         

Bible Lesson 18: Saul Becomes King

Memory Verse:1 Samuel 12:24 “Above all, fear the Lord and worship him faithfully with all your heart; consider the great things he has done for you.”

  1. When Israel rejected God as their King, God gave them what they wanted, a king.
  2. Saul came from a powerful, influential family in the tribe of Benjamin. He was tall and very handsome, having the appearance of a king.
  3. Some people in the days of Saul chose to follow God, but many did not. There is no mention of Saul praying to God before or in his early days as king.
  4. God used the lost donkeys as an opportunity to lead Saul to Samuel.
  5. God revealed to Samuel that He was going to bring Saul to Samuel and that Saul would be king over Israel.
  6. God instructed Samuel to anoint Saul. Samuel carefully listened to God and did what He said.
  7. Anoint means to apply oil. When a person is anointed during a godly, religious event, it symbolizes the setting apart of that individual for God’s service. Anointing also symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  8. The anointing of Saul showed that Saul was being set apart for God’s purposes.
  9. Samuel spoke a specific prophecy to Saul to give him courage and confidence that his anointing was from God.
  10. When the Spirit of the Lord came upon Saul, he prophesied with the prophets. God changed Saul’s heart, and Saul acted differently from that point forward.
  11. To have endurance means to have the ability to last or withstand for an extended period of time.
  12. Courage is doing what is right in spite of fear or possible consequences.
  13. When rebels opposed Saul as king, he kept his peace and remained silent.
  14. King Nahash and the Ammonites pose a threat to Jabesh Gilead, threatening to gouge out all the men’s right eyes. The Holy Spirit then filled Saul with divine, righteous anger, empowering him with courage to deliver the people of Jabesh Gilead.
  15. After Saul’s victory over the Ammonites, his followers wanted to kill the people who had previously rejected Saul. Saul wisely offered mercy to the rebels instead of killing them.
  16. Samuel made a point to remind Israel that the Lord had been their King.
  17. The Israelites became afraid after God brought rain and thunder, and they asked Samuel to pray for them.
  18. Samuel told Israel to serve God faithfully with all their heart, to not worship idols, to fear the Lord, and to consider what great things He had done for them.
  19. Samuel pledged to pray for the people, and to teach them the good and right way.


Spelling Lesson 19

athlete – a person trained in games, sports, or exercises that require skill

journey – a suggesting of travel from one place to another; a path or passage

freckles – small brown spots on the skin

attempt – to make an effort to accomplish or do; try

orchard – an area of land where fruit trees are grown

shoulder – the place where the arm attaches to the trunk of a body

entertain – to keep or hold in the mind; to allow a thought

adjective – a word that describes a noun

sculpture – a three-dimensional work of art; model

aggravate – to make worse; disturb, or annoy

apostrophe – a punctuation mark that is used to indicate the omission of letters, or numbers, the possessive case, or the plural form.

congratulate – to express rejoicing to someone for an achievement or special occasion

senses – specialized functions by which a person or animal receives information about the physical world

organs – independent structures made of tissues and cells that perform a specific function in an organism

physical – relating to the body

muscles – groups of body tissues that can contract and expand to produce movement

skeleton – the supportive framework of bones and cartilage of humans and vertebrate animals

anatomy – a branch of natural science that deals with the structure of organisms

fusion – a state of putting or melting together; combination

circulation – the continuous movement of blood through the vessels of the body


Test Schedule January 17-20, 2023

Spelling Pretest – No spelling pretest this week

Bible: Chapter 17 (Christmas) Test – Wednesday, January 18

Reading Tests – Vocabulary and Story comprehension Friday, Jan. 20

Spelling Definition Test – Friday, January 20

Spelling Word Test – Friday, January 13

Read and Comprehend Cold Reads – Friday, January 20


Homework: Please check your child’s agenda for daily homework. (i.e., math)

Study for upcoming tests!

Read AR book for 20 minutes each night.

Weekly Focus January 17-20, 2023

Bible – Chapter 18 – Saul Becomes King

Literature – The Whimbrel

English – Adjectives/Adverbs

Math – Chapter 5 2-Digit Divisors

Social Studies – Our Nation’s Geography

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