May 1-5, 2023

By April 30, 2023 May 9th, 2023 Mrs. Kathryn Milton

Study Guide                         

Bible Lesson 30: Daniel Resolves to Follow God

Memory Verse Daniel 2:20 May the name of God be praised forever and ever, for wisdom and power belong to him.

  1. God gave the Israelites laws to live by. Some laws included rules about what kinds of food they could not eat, such as meat sacrificed to other gods. They also could not eat certain kinds of meat, such as pork, shellfish, creatures that creep on the ground, and some birds.
  2. Daniel and his three friends were taken captive by the Babylonians because they had certain qualities, which included being young, having no defects, and being good-looking, wise, knowledgeable, teachable, and qualified.
  3. To obey God’s Law, Daniel made the decision not to eat the king’s food and asked the king’s official for permission not to defile himself. This took great courage and resolve. Daniel also showed wisdom in how he made the request.
  4. Resolve is the determination to maintain a firm decision.
  5. Daniel and his three friends showed courage, leadership, faithfulness, and resolve when they chose to remain obedient to God while submitting to their unbelieving captors.
  6. Blessings are not always material gifts. There are both; temporal, which means earthly or worldly, and eternal
  7. Although Daniel found himself in an enemy land, he continued to trust God completely and worship Him, regardless of the circumstances.
  8. God is omnipotent and omniscient; He revealed to Daniel the interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about a statue.
  9. The word interpret means to explain the meaning of something.
  10. A revelation is giving or the receiving of previously hidden knowledge.
  11. The parts of the statue represented four earthly kingdoms that would rule in and around the Middle East.
  12. King Belshazzar and his guests drank from vessels stolen from God’s temple. This was blasphemy, which means great disrespect shown to God.
  13. At King Belshazzar’s feast, a hand appeared and wrote mene, mene, tekel, parsin on the wall. Daniel interpreted the words to mean that God had numbered the days of Belshazzar’s reign, the king had been weighed and found wanting, and his kingdom was going to be divided.
  14. The Old Testament was mainly written in Hebrew.
  15. The book of Daniel was written in Hebrew and in Aramaic.
  16. The acronym PACT stands for praise, ask, confess, and thank.
  17. Daniel’s prayer to God included the components praise, ask, and confess.
  18. When a person praises God and confesses sin, it reveals a humble spirit.
  19. Daniel’s prayer for his people demonstrated his intimate relationship with God and his love and care for God’s people.
  20. Daniel showed that God blesses and uses faithful, obedient people.
  21. In any given situation, it is a person’s relationship with God that will sustain him or her.

Spelling Lesson 33

recount – to report; to tell in detail

accountable – responsible

expressive – full of feeling

impression – 1. a mark or imprint made by pressing in 2. belief; understanding

intended – planned; envisioned

tendency – an inclination in which somebody reacts or something behaves

aeronautics – the science of flight

astronaut – a person trained to perform tasks in space

astronomy – the scientific study of the order of the universe, including the stars and planets

autographs – written signatures

selenology – the study of the moon

tripod – a stand that has three legs for support at its base

mare – a dark, flat area on the moon’s surface

albedo – the fraction of light that is reflected by an object

phases – particular appearances in a recurring change of cycles

density – the amount of mass in a certain volume of space

craters – bowl-shaped depressions formed by the impact of an object

reflectivity – the brightness or luminosity of an object

satellite – an object that orbits a larger object

nomination – the state of naming someone to a position or proposing something for an award


Test Schedule for May 1-5, 2023

No Spelling Pretest this week

Bible Test – Lesson 29 Easter Tuesday, May 2

Reading Tests – Vocabulary and Story Comprehension Friday, May 5

Spelling Definition Test – Thursday, May 4

Spelling Word Test – Friday, May 5

Read and Comprehend Cold Read – Friday, May 5

Homework: Please check your child’s agenda for daily homework (i.e., math)

Study for upcoming tests.

Read AR for 20 minutes each night

Weekly Focus: May 1-5, 2023

Bible – Daniel Resolves to Follow God – Lesson 30

Reading – Small Steps Part III

Math – Chapter 8

Language – Unit 9

Social Studies – Colonies

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