Science Test Scheduled Wednesday, October 26, 2022

By October 20, 2022 Mrs. Kathryn Milton

Science Study Guide

Chapter 2

  1. Fruit – a plant structure that surrounds the seeds of flowering plants
  2. Seedling – a young plant
  3. Embryo – an organism produced from a spore or fertilized egg, in the early stages of development
  4. Generation – one complete life cycle
  5. Cotyledon – a nutrient-rich structure in a seed that feeds the growing embryo.
  6. Smolt – A stage of a salmon’s life cycle from which it matures into an adult and migrates to the ocean immature salmon.
  7. Alevin – a very young salmon hatchling
  8. Fertilization – the uniting of the genetic material of two cells
  9. Redd – a salmon nest
  10. Mushroom – a fleshy, spore-producing growth of certain fungi
  11. Human activities may harm the salmon by interfering with its life cycle by building dams that keep salmon from migrating, building roads and causing soil to run into streams, interfering with the nests of eggs, logging, and pollution.
  12. The life cycle of a mushroom: The adult mushroom lives above the ground. Spores leave the parent mushroom and some land on the ground. Under the ground threadlike strands join together. These strands continue to grow and form a new mushroom.
  13. Be able to label a mushroom: cap, stem
  14. Pollinators are important in the life cycle of the flowering plant because they carry the pollen that contains half of the plant’s genetic material to another plant.
  15. Anther – A flower has several of these. The pollen is on the tops of them.
  16. Stigma – The part of the plant that pollen sticks to.
  17. The petals are often brightly colored to attract pollinators.
  18. The sepal is unique leaves that enclose the petals of a flower. Sometimes sepals can be the same color as the flower petals.
  19. Pollen carries half of the plant’s genetic material.
  20. Bacteria can live and grow almost everywhere; desks, snow, stomachs of bison, our mouths, on our skin.
  21. Reproduction of organisms involves genetic material, offspring, and generations of organisms.
  22. Fungi grows best in warm, moist places.
  23. The Anopheles mosquito transmits malaria to humans.





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