Study Guide September 9-12

By September 6, 2022 Mrs. Becca Dorn

Study Guide
Week of September 6, 2022
Monday—No school—Labor Day Holiday
Wednesday—Patriot’s Day—Wear a red, white and blue shirt with uniform
bottoms and school shoes
Chapel: parents are invited to come join us at 8:15 in the sanctuary
Eagle store during lunch
Friday—Come join us for Donuts with Mom and Dad in the cafeteria right after
announcements 8:15

Fill in the blank: Exodus 19:5 So now obey me and keep my agreement.
Do this, and you will be my own possession, chosen from all nations.
Even though the whole earth is mine,
Moses was a leader who showed diligence as he led the children of Israel into the
desert or wilderness.
Diligence means not giving up.
Moses followed God’s direction and turned bitter water into water safe to drink.
The Israelites complained, and God sent a bread called manna to feed the people
in the wilderness.
God instructed His children to gather only certain amounts of food. He provided
the manna and was testing the obedience of His people.
After more complaining, God told Moses to take his walking stick and strike a rock
so water would come out of it.
God spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai and gave the children of Israel the Ten
God gave the Ten Commandments to guide people in how to recognize right from
wrong and to know how to live well.
The first four commandments direct us to love God.
The last six commandments direct us to love others.
God instructed Moses to make a bronze snake and lift it up on a pole.
When the children of Israel looked at the snake, they would live and not die from
God wants us to have courage as Moses had.
Courage means doing the right thing even when afraid.
Short Answer: Write about a life experience when you asked God for courage.

Spelling: soft and hard c & g
age gone
center cycle
city garden
space circle
giant square
gym oval

Handwriting: complete pages 22 & 27 by Friday

Reading: Read AR for 20 minutes nightly
Comprehension test Thursday

Language: Test will be next Tuesday

Chapter 4 Vocabulary


Definition- group attending an event

Synonym- viewers     Antonym-performers

Sentence- The audience listened to the beautiful song.

More Synonyms-1. pretend, imaginary

2. under, breath

More Antonyms-3. weak, strong

4. noisy, quiet

A declarative sentences makes a statement. It ends with a period. It is
labeled with a D.
The complete subject is the subject and all the words that tell about the
subject. The complete subject starts at the beginning of the sentence and
includes every word up to the verb. A vertical line in front of the verb
shows where the subject parts end.
The complete predicate is the verb and all the words that tell about the
verb. The complete predicate usually starts with the verb and includes
every word after the verb. A vertical line in front of the verb shows where
the predicate parts begin.
A Adj SN V Adv Adv Adv
SN V P1 An enormous elephant / walked slowly away today. D

Speed drills will still be addition and subtraction but will begin to be
mixed: addition and subtraction on the same test. Students need to
be careful and watch the signs
Study guide will come home next Monday and will be due Thursday
before the test.

Science: Test Next Tuesday
Chapter 3 Project will be completed in class Monday.
Chapter 3
Vertebrate—an animal that has a backbone
Warm-Blooded—having a body temperature that does not change much with the
outside temperature
Cold-Blooded—having a body temperature that changes with the outside
Classify—to sort into groups based on similarities
Reptile—a cold-blooded vertebrate with dry, scaly skin
Amphibian—a cold-blooded vertebrate with smooth, moist skin that changes its
form as it grows older
Bird—warm-blooded vertebrate with two feet, wings, beaks
Mammals—warm-blooded vertebrate with hair or fur, make milk for their babies,
have lungs
Fish—cold blooded vertebrate with gills, scales, and fins
Observe—to look at carefully
Animal needs: water, food, shelter, space and air
Know the Life Cycle of a frog


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