Week of April 19th announcements: 

Test 2 – Friday 

Will cover numbers 0-100 (los numeros), the parts of the body (El cuerpo), and telling time (Que hora es).

Please use all notes, all worksheets, all textbook pages to help you study.

If you need after/before school tutoring, please don’t hesitate to contact me and schedule a time.

Week Overview:


  • Continue with telling time practice using clocks and full Spanish phrases
  • Continue parts of the body/el cuerpo
  • Review numbers
  • Introduce common classroom objects

Monday: Review/Continue telling time and parts of the body

  • Speaking practice using time phrases and numbers learned
  • Writing out the time in Spanish using phrases for different times of the day
  • Review parts of the body and creating sentences using the body vocabulary

Tuesday: Classroom objects (Page 10)

  • Introduction to classroom object vocabulary
  • Classifying/identifying masculine and feminine words

Wednesday: Continue working through classroom objects and masculine/feminine words

  • Worksheets for practice
  • Video for enrichment

Thursday: Review day for test 

  • Recap of lessons for test tomorrow

Friday: Test 2 

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