Week of August 22

Week of August 22, 2023


Monday- School Pictures

Wednesday- chapel and Eagle store at lunch

Thursday- Raising Cane’s Lunch

Each week, I will send home the test folder with the past week’s test graded for you to see and sign the signature form. Please return the test with graded tests in the folder the next day.

Test Schedule

Tuesday, Aug 23- Math Chapter 1 Test

Thursday, Aug 25- Math Speed Drill

Friday, Aug 26- Spelling Test List 3

Bible Chapter 3 Test and memory verse

Reading: Boom Town, and Vocabulary


Homework is assigned on Monday in the Homework Folder, and due on Friday in the homework folder. Math Homework will be graded. Late homework will not be taken.

Please cover 4 hardback books with brown paper- Shurley English, Social Studies, Literature Opal- Daisy and Sunflower

Math- worksheet

Spelling- Study these words for test

  1. street
  2. easy
  3. queen
  4. leaf
  5. between
  6. breeze
  7. jeans
  8. speed
  9. deceive
  10. eager
  11. steep
  12. beat
  13. receive
  14. cleaned
  15. please
  16. reach
  17. mean
  18. really
  19. said
  20. says


Bible- memorize Memory Verse- Matthew 3:17 “And a voice spoke from heaven. The voice said, “This is my Son and I love him. I am very pleased with him.”

Reading- read an A.R. book for 15 minutes each night. When they are finished reading it, they can take a test on it at school.

Study for upcoming tests:

Math Speed Drill- starting this week, we will have a speed drill once a week. Students will have one minute to solve 20 facts. This week, the speed drill will be addition facts to 18

Math- students may use Chapter 1 Review worksheet in their Take Home Folder to review and their math workbook

Bible- students may use their workbook to study and a study guide sheet in their take home or homework folder

Reading- students use their Reading book to review the story and skill, and use reading workbook to study vocabulary

Study Guides: For most of the curriculum, the students will bring home a study guide in the take home folder throughout the week. After I finish teaching a chapter, we complete a study guide. They will be sent home only a day or two before the test.

Weekly Focus:

Bible- Jesus prepares for ministry, preaching of John the Baptist, baptism of Jesus, temptation of Jesus

Reading- Boom Town, skill- setting and main character (most important character), and study Vocabulary in reading workbook pg 20

Math- chapter 1 test- place value up to hundred thousand, ordinal numbers, rounding, writing numbers, Chapter 2- Addition facts to 18, word problems

English- Chapter 2: classifying subject noun and verb in sentences, sentence pattern 1: SN V P1, SN-subject noun, V-verb, P1-pattern 1, ADJ-adjectives, ADV-adverbs, word analogies, identify adjectives, word analogies, vocabulary- soothe, urgent

Science- Chapter 2 Life of Plants: Ch.2 vocabulary- carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, microscope, cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, chloroplast, pollination, stamen, pollen, pistil, germinate, heredity (vocabulary list will be in their homework folder)


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