Week of February 27

By February 18, 2023 Ms. Danielle Roberts

Week of February 27, 2023


Wednesday- chapel

Our next field trip will be coming in March. More info coming soon.

Each week, I will send home the test folder with the past week’s test graded for you to see and sign the signature form. Please return the test with graded tests in the folder the next day.

Test Schedule

Wednesday, March 1- Social Studies Ch 2 Test

Thursday, March 2- English Ch 9 Test

Speed Drill

Friday, March 3- Bible Test Ch 25

Reading Test: Charlotte’s Web Chapters 1-3

Spelling Test


Math- worksheet in Homework folder; continue practicing division and multiplication facts (0-10) using flash cards, IPAD, phone, computer, games, etc.

Spelling List 25 – study these words for test:

  1. service
  2. advice
  3. score
  4. clothes
  5. scale
  6. colorful
  7. notice
  8. place
  9. balance
  10. cities
  11. circle
  12. close
  13. cabin
  14. pencil
  15. cycle
  16. ascend
  17. descend
  18. icicle
  19. airplane
  20. modern


Bible- memorize Memory Verse:  1 John 1:9, “But if we confess our sins, he will forgive our sins. We can trust God. He does what is right. He will make us clean from all the wrongs we have done.”

Reading- read an A.R. book for 15 minutes each night. When they are finished reading it, they can take a test on it at school, new point goal has been set.  This nine weeks, the AR grade is just based on reaching their point goal.

Study for upcoming tests:

Social Studies- Ch 2 Land and water of Louisiana and Regions and Resources: use the summary handout to review, review reading a map pg 31, reading a diagram of oxbow lake pg 28-29, Important vocabulary- geography, landform, natural resources, climate

English Test- Chapter 9, use Chapter checkup 46 page 109 in workbook to review for test. vocab- defend, mystery; classify sentences with direct objects (DO) and verb transitive (V-t), classify sentences with either pattern 1 or 2, changing mixed tense verbs in a paragraph to the tense listed, editing sentences, identifying object pronouns, can use textbook 218 Verb Chart to become familiar with Irregular Past tense verbs

Math Speed Drill- This week, students will have three minutes to solve 20 Division facts, dividing by 0 and 1.

Bible- students may use their workbook to study and a study guide sheet in their take home folder

Reading- Charlotte’s Web Chapters 1-3, test will consist of comprehension questions (some multiple choice and short answer) and vocabulary (identifying definition and using the word in a sentence): runt, injustice, miserable, enchanted, captivity, appetizing

Weekly Focus:

Bible- Peter is transformed (Luke 22:54-62, John 21:1-25, Mt. 28:16-20, Acts 2:22-47, Acts 3:1-10); vocab- deny, restore, repentance, boldness

Reading- Excited to start reading Charlotte’s Web novel in class! Studying Ch 1-3 this week. We will be reading the book as a class. Students will have a book in class to read, but they may not bring it home. However, due to the school buying a new set of novels this year, they may borrow one of the older books to use at home, just let me know. Also, feel free to borrow it from the library or buy your own copy.

Math- Ch 9: Measurement- length: nonstandard units pg 243-244, length: inches and feet pg 245-246, length: nearest inch or half inch pg 247-248, yards and miles pg 249-250, metric units pg 251-252

English- Ch 9 identifying object pronouns, classify sentences with either pattern 1 or 2, identify mixed tenses in paragraphs, changing verbs to different tenses in paragraphs; vocab- defend, mystery, writing how-to essay

Social Studies- Ch 2: Land and water of Louisiana: the mighty Mississippi, reading a diagram, Lesson 2: Regions and Resources, review; vocab- geography, landform, natural resources, climate; begin Ch 3 Settling Louisiana



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