Week of February 8th-12th


Quiz on telling time – Wednesday

Quiz on parts of the body and classroom objects next Wednesday


  • Tell time
  • Identify parts of the body
  • Classroom objects vocabulary
  • Spanish Alphabet

Week Overview:

Monday – Review on telling time for quiz Wednesday

  • Exercise 12 page 8 (In class)
  • Speaking practice on telling time
  • Pre-quiz review

Tuesday –El cuerpo/The body 

  • Worksheet page 5 (Sent to email)
  • Exercise 13, 14 page 9 (In class)

Wednesday – Quiz on telling time 

Classroom objects 

  • Exercise 1-2 (in class)

Thursday – Gramatica (Nouns) 

  • Exercise 3 (In class)
  • Worksheet page 6 (Sent to email)

Friday – Mexico Day (We didn’t get to this last week)

  • We will learn about Mexico’s culture including their famous landmarks, food, people, etc.

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