Week of March 1st – 5th


Test on 3A – Thursday

Recipe Projects due Friday 


Finishing up Chapter 3A this week!


  • Talk about foods and beverages for breakfast and lunch
  • Talk about likes and dislikes
  • Express how often something is done
  • Understand cultural perspectives on meals

Week overview:

Monday – Lectura Page 138-139

  • Guided practice workbook page 97
  • Fondo cultural box page 139
  • Comprendes? activity page 139

Tuesday – La cultura en vivo: churros y chocolate page 140-141

Presentacion oral “Que te gusta comer?”

  • Try it out! activity page 140
  • Think about it! page 141
  • Presentacion oral activity page 141
  • Guided practice workbook page 98

Wednesday – Review for test tomorrow (Page 144 – Review)

  • Core practice workbook page 56-57
  • Any questions before the test will be discussed
  • Expanding on topics students may need extra help with

Thursday – Test on chapter 3A

  • If time allotted – Spanish recipe video

Friday – Recipe projects due 

  • Recipe project presentations
  • Outline exam for next week

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