Week of March 29th – April 1st

Week of March 29th announcements: 

TEST 1 on textbook pages 1-6 – Wednesday (See chart below)

  • Know the proper greetings to use during different times of the day (Eg. If the time is 8 AM – The proper greeting would be “Buenos dias.”)
  • Know the proper phrases to say goodbye during different times of the night (Eg. If the time is 9 PM – The proper closing would be “Buenas noches.”)
  • Know the phrases to ask and tell how someone is (Eg. How are you? – ¿Cómo estás?)
  • Know when to use tú vs usted (Page 5 yellow box)
  • Know classroom commands (Page 6 in textbook)
  • Know the differences between Mr., Ms., and Mrs. (Señor, señora, señorita) (yellow box page 2)

Spanish-speaking country project due THIS MONDAY – March 29th 

We will begin presentations on the 29th and continue them through the 30th

Week Overview:


  • Spanish-speaking country project presentations this week
  • We will have mastered greetings, asking/telling how someone is, closings, classroom commands vocabulary, the use of tú vs usted, and sir, Mrs., Ms.
  • Continue: able to read and write Spanish numbers 0-100

Monday: Spanish-speaking country projects DUE TODAY – Bring them to school TODAY even if you don’t present today!

  • Presentations

Tuesday: Continue presentations

Review for test 1 TOMORROW

  • Presentations
  • Review for test 1 in class
    • Last minute questions
    • Examples of questions given in class

Wednesday: Test 1 – Spanish greetings, closings, classroom commands, asking/telling how someone is, tú vs usted, Sir, Mrs., Ms.

Thursday: Continue Spanish numbers 15-100 (Page 7)

  • Speaking practice using numbers 15-100
  • Exercise 8-9 – Page 7 in textbook
  • Mini-quiz on numbers 0-10 when we get back from Easter break! 4/13 Know how to spell them! See list below:
    • Zero – Cero
    • One – Uno
    • Two – Dos
    • Three – Tres
    • Four – Cuatro
    • Five – Cinco
    • Six – Seis
    • Seven – Siete
    • Eight – Ocho
    • Nine – Nueve
    • Ten – Diez

Friday: Easter break begins/No school

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