Week of May 10th announcements: 

Test 3 – Thursday   

Will cover the alphabet (el alfabeto), common question phrases and their responses, classifying nouns (say if they are masculine or feminine), days of the week (los dias), months of the year (los meses del año), family member words

Please use all notes, all worksheets, all textbook pages (10-14) to help you study. I sent these to your emails.

If you need after/before school tutoring, please don’t hesitate to contact me and schedule a time.

Week Overview:



  • the alphabet
  • months of the year
  • days of the week
  • asking questions/responding
  • family member words
  • classifying masculine and feminine nouns

Monday: El calendario y la fecha (Page 14)

  • Review days of the week
  • Review months of the year
  • Worksheets on this

Tuesday: Review – Family oriented words

  • Mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, pawpaw/mawmaw, sister, brother, cousin (F/M)

Wednesday: Review for test 3 tomorrow

  • Last minute questions
  • Examples of test questions given
  • Review games

Thursday: Test 3

Friday: Exam review day

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