Week of November 9th-13th

By November 10, 2020 Spanish I

Chapter 2A – Tu día en la escuela

  • Talk about school schedules and subjects
  • Discuss what students do during the day
  • Ask and tell who is doing an action
  • Compare your school with that of a student from a Spanish-speaking country


Mini-quiz on 1st-10th hour and school classes vocabulary – Wednesday

Bible Quiz – Friday


Monday – El primer día de clases (Page 76-77)

Reading about the first day of school in a bilingual school in Mexico 

Practice using context clues when reading Spanish text 

  • Exercise 3 page 77
  • Core practice workbook pages 33-34
  • Guided practice vocabulary check pages 59-62

Tuesday – Vocabulario en uso (Page 78-79)

Discuss the school day, ask and tell about likes and dislikes, learn to use subject pronouns, learn to use verbs that end in -ar 

  • Exercise 4-5 page 78
  • Exercise 6-7 page 79

Wednesday – Practice and communicate (page 80-81)

Mini quiz on 1st-10th hour and school subject vocabulary

Making comparisons using mas…que

Writing and speaking in a personalized context

  • Exercise 8-9 pg.80
  • Fondo cultural questions pg. 80

Thursday – Gramatica – Subject pronouns (Page 82-83)

Listening and speaking using subject pronouns

Writing subject pronouns 

Choosing socially appropriate subject pronouns

  • Exercises 10-12 pg.83
  • Core practice workbook – pg. 35
  • Guided practice workbook – pg. 63-64

Friday – Gramatica: Present tense of -ar verbs (Page 84-85)

Bible quiz Romans 8:28

Listening for verb endings 

Writing simple sentences with -ar verbs 

Listening comprehension of infinitives; providing forms of verbs 

  • Exercise 13 pg. 84
  • Exercises 14-15 pg.85
  • Guided practice workbook – pg.65-66
  • Core practice workbook – pg. 36-37

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