Week of October 12th-16th

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Bible Quiz FRIDAY 

Mini-quiz – Thursday, October 15th on vocabulary recognition from chapter 1B  

Bible verse of the week:  

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18 

Cercano está el Señor a los quebrantados de corazón y salva a los abatidos de espíritu.” Salmo 34:18 

Week Overview: 

This week we will continue to work through Chapter 1B 

 Monday – Vocabulario en uso (Page 54) 

Talk about what people are like 

Ask people to talk about themselves and others 

Describe your own personality traits 

  • Exercise 5-6 page 54 

Tuesday – Gramática (page 55) 

Breaking down adjective rules  

  • Exercise 7 page 55  
  • Exercise 8-10 page 56 

Wednesday – Continue Gramática (Page 57) 

Practicing conversations with adjective rules and vocabulary  

  • Exercise 11-12 pg. 57  
  • Review for quiz tomorrow  

Thursday – Mini quiz on vocabulary recognition  

Exploración del lenguaje – Cognates that begin with es + consonant (Page 57) 

  • Exercise 13 pg. 58 
  • Guided workbook pg. 47-48 
  • Core workbook pg. 26 

Friday – Bible Quiz 

Fondo cultural – Simón Bolívar  

Reading a poem with adjectives in Spanish and then creating your own  

  • Exercise 14-15 pg. 59  

If you need extra help, please email me to schedule a time for tutoring. 

[email protected] 

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