Week of October 26th-30th

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Test on 1B – Friday, October 30th  

This week we will be finishing up chapter 1B and tested on the chapter Friday.

Remember to review the terms in the chapter review (Page 70-71) often/every other day before our upcoming test! 🙂 

If you need extra help/tutoring please email me to schedule an appointment.

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Week Overview: 

Monday – Continue Gramatica – Word order: Placement of adjectives (Page 62) 

Using correct word order  

Listening for comprehension  

Writing and speaking about oneself and other people 

  • Exercise 21-22 pg. 63 
  • Guided practice workbook pg. 50 
  • Core practice workbook pg. 28 

 Tuesday – Lectura – un self-quiz (Page 64) 

Reading and completing a magazine personality quiz 

Fondo cultural – Common clothing worn in Spanish speaking countries  

  • Magazine self-quiz comprendes? activity pg. 65 
  • Watch a video on various Spanish-speaking countries examples of clothing 

 Wednesday – Perspectivas del mundo hispano – “Que es un amigo?” 

Reading about friendship 

Writing a mock e-mail as an introduction to a perspective pen pal  

  • Check it out! Activity pg. 66 
  • Think about it! Activity pg. 66 
  • Writing a mock e-mail introduction to a prospective pen pal pg. 67

Thursday – El Mundo Hispano – El Caribe (Page 68-69) 

Learning about culture of the Caribbean  

  • Read about the Caribbean pg.68-69 
  • Watching a video about the Caribbean 
  • Video on traditional dances and music seen and heard in the Caribbean 
  • Para pensar activity pg. 68 
  • Review for test tomorrow 

Friday – Chapter 1B Test  

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