February 13-17

By February 10, 2023 February 13th, 2023 Mrs. Jessi Pitman

February 13-17

Monday—Send in Valentine Cards; Canes order forms due

Tuesday—Valentine Party: Wear Valentine Shirt (or red or pink) with jeans and school shoes

Wednesday—School Safety—Wear a yellow shirt with jeans and school shoes

Thursday–Canes Lunch: If you did not order, please bring a lunch and drink from home


Bible Verse— Recite: Matthew 1:21 She will give birth to a son. You will name the son Jesus. Give him that name because he will save his people from their sins.

Spelling Words— singular and plural nouns

cherry                   box                        bench                   family                    tear

cherries                boxes                    benches               families                working

peach                    teacher                dish                        class

peaches               teachers              dishes                   classes


Classwork: please do not work ahead

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling p.97 p. 98 p.99 p. 100 Test

Turn in Packet

Cursive p.  120






p.123 p.124 Test


Bible p. 99 p. 98-99 Chapel p. 100 Test

Turn in Packet

Reading p. 241-242


p. 243-244


p. 245-246

p. 247-248 grade

p. 249-250


Comprehension test
Language Practice 54 Checkup 55 Practice 56

Homework 6

Chapter 19 Test Journal
Math p. 161-164 p. 165-166 p. 167-170 171-172 p. 173-174
Social Studies Activity book p.  41 Valentine Party Activity Book p. 43 Activity Book p. 45-46 Activity Book

p. 47 (graded)


Test Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Speed Drill Speed Drill


Language Test


Social Studies Vocabulary 3.1 Quiz


Spelling Test

Cursive Test

Bible Test

Comprehension Test

Speed Drill


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