January 17-21

By January 12, 2023 Mrs. Jessi Pitman

Announcements: January 17-20

Monday–No School MLK, Jr. Holiday

Wednesday—Chapel 8:15

Friday—100th Day of School


Bible Verse—

Recite: Ephesians 4:2 Always be humble and gentle. Be patient and accept each other with love.


Spelling Words—consonant blends with s

skate                     snow                     sport                     school

slide                      swish                    squeal                  splash

start                       score                     scene                    from

smile                     scream                 sprint                    January


Classwork: please do not work ahead

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling No School p. 81-82 p.83 Spelling Bee

p. 84


Turn in Packet

Cursive No School p.101

Homework 104


p.102 p.103 Test

Turn in Packet

Bible No School p. 81-82 Chapel p. 83-84 Test

Turn in Packet

Reading No School p. 195-196 p. 197-198


p. 199-200

p. 201-202 Grade


p. 203-204
Language No School In Class Writing In Class Writing In Class Writing In Class Writing
Math No School p. 279-280

p. 283-284

 p. 281-282

p. 285-286

Chapter 9 Test 100th Day Math
Social Studies No School In Class Work Activity Book p. 15-16 Vocabulary Test

Chapter Test

In Class Work


Test Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Speed Drill Math Test

Social Studies Vocabulary Test 3 and Chapter 1 test

Spelling Test

Cursive Test

Bible Test

Speed Drill

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