March 1-5

Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11

I say this because I know what I have planned for you, says the Lord. I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.


Spelling List: 25

List: 25

  1. service
  2. advice
  3. score
  4. clothes
  5. scale
  6. colorful
  7. notice
  8. place
  9. balance
  10. cities
  11. circle
  12. close
  13. cabin
  14. pencil
  15. cycle
  16. ascend
  17. descend
  18. icicle
  19. airplane
  20. modern


Test Schedule:

Science: Chapter 8 Earth’s Surface (Thursday, March 4th)

English: Chapter 9 (Thursday, March 4th)

Social Studies quiz** (Thursday, March 4th) Reading and applying skills on a Revolutionary War timeline.


Spelling: List 25 (Friday, March 5th)

Bible: Chapter 23 (Friday, March 5th)

Reading: Beatrice’s Goat (Friday, March 5th)


Homework: (homework is assigned on Monday and due on Friday) (math homework is graded) (LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE TAKEN)

  • Reading- Read an A.R. book on your level for 30 minutes each night. Students can take an A.R. quiz at school when a book is finished. Please keep track of the books read at home on the sheet located in the A.R. folder.
  • Math- pg. 53 Dividing Three-Digit Numbers (homework folder)
  • Study guides- English and science, (study guides go home throughout the week please check the TAKE HOME folder.)


Weekly Focus:

  • Bible- Transfiguration- a significant change, at the transfiguration of Jesus, Jesus’ face changed and his clothing became white and dazzling.
  • Reading- Beatrice’s Goat Skill- Drawing conclusions means using the information we have to predict what will happen in a story.
  • Math- Chapter 9 measuring length- inches and feet (12 inches=1 foot) yards and miles (3 feet= 1 yard). Learning to read a ruler.
  • English- new vocabulary- defend and mystery, new classifications- indirect objects, journal writing
  • Science- Earth’s landforms, soil, lakes, rivers, and coastlines
  • Social Studies- reading a timeline skill, practice reading timelines in class. ** quiz on Thursday

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