November 7-November 11

By November 4, 2022 Mrs. Jessi Pitman

Announcements: November 7

Tuesday—No School Election Day

Wednesday—Veteran’s Chapel 10:00 and Spaghetti Lunch 11:00

Bible Verse— Recite:

2 Corinthians 3:12 We have this hope, so we are very brave.

Spelling Words— sh, th

should  brush    shoes    thick

cloth      wash     shine     both

wish       there     with       across

that        then      polish    would



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling p.53-54 Election Day p.55 Skip p. 56

Rainbow Write Words 3X


Turn in packet

Cursive p. 71

Homework due Friday: p.



  p. 72


p. 73 Test


Bible p. 57-58   Chapel p.59-60 Test

Turn in packet

Reading p. 141-142   p. 143-144

p. 145-146 Grade


p. 147-148

Comprehension Test 8



p. 149-150
Language Final Copy   Final Copy/Illustration Classroom Practice 35 Classroom Practice 36
Math p. 203-204

Speed Drill


Speed Drill

p. 209-212 p.213-214

Speed Drill


Science p. Review   Test p. 167-170 p. 171-174


Test Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Speed Drill Election Day Science Test


Speed Drill

Comprehension test 8 Spelling Test


Handwriting Test


Bible and Bible Verse Test


Speed Drill






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