October 4-7

Bible verse: Lesson 7         1 Corinthians 3:11

The foundation has already been built. No one can build any other foundation. The foundation that has already been laid is Jesus Christ.



List 7:

  1. post
  2. coast
  3. toe
  4. cove
  5. below
  6. mold
  7. motor
  8. coach
  9. rope
  10. alone
  11. slowly
  12. throw
  13. chosen
  14. follow
  15. stroke
  16. rowboat
  17. tomorrow
  18. opening
  19. minutes
  20. pumpkin


Test Schedule:

English: Chapter 3 (Wednesday October 6th)


Bible: Chapter 7 (Thursday, October 7th)

Science: Chapter 3 (Thursday, October 7th)

Spelling: List 7 (Thursday, October 7th)

Reading: No test- cold comprehension reading for a grade.




  • Reading- Read an A.R. book on your level for 15 minutes each night. Students can take an A.R. quiz at school when a book is finished.
  • Study guides-Study guides go home throughout the week usually a day or two before the actual test. Check the TAKE HOME folder for study guides. Please check my website carefully some study guides can be found on the website.


Weekly Focus:

Bible– Build on the Rock, parable- an everyday story with a spiritual meaning, priority– something deserving first attention, studying God’s word.

Reading– We will still read the story Nothing Much Happened Today, skill is sequencing.  We will have a cold read (reading comprehension) quiz during the week.

Math– Chapter 3 Subtraction, subtraction strategies

Science– Chapter 3 studying plants, roots and stems, leaves, flowers, simple plants, and plant classification

Social Studies- In class project= natural resources= renewable and non-renewable resources

English– Chapter 3- **vocabulary on the test- serious (pg. 59) amused (pg. 63) common and proper nouns, simple subject and simple predicate, singular and plural nouns, classifying sentences- SN V P1 is our sentence pattern, SN- subject noun, V-verb, Adv- adverb, Adj- adjective, A- article adjective


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