September 12-16, 2022

By September 9, 2022 Mrs. Kathryn Milton

September 12-16, 2022

Chapter 6 Study Guide:

Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 14:12 So also you – since you are zealous for spiritual gifts, seek to excel in building up the church. CSB

  1. The Hebrews had been in captivity for around 400 years in Egypt, since the days of Joseph. A new pharaoh came to power and did not acknowledge the God of the Hebrews.
  2. God appeared as a fire and communicated with Moses at the burning bush after Moses had been in Midian for 40 years. Moses listened to what God said.
  3. God called Moses to speak to Pharaoh about setting the Hebrews free.
  4. At first, Moses made excuses for his perceived inadequacies, but God countered Moses’ excuses. Moses agreed to serve God and follow God’s plan.
  5. Communication is essential in a relationship. Spending time listening to God is important in a believer’s relationship with Him. By listening to God, believers grow in their faith and understand more of how God wants them to use their spiritual gifts.
  6. God equips all whom He calls (regardless of their perceived inadequacies) with gifts, such as ministering or serving, giving or sharing, teaching, encouraging or exhorting, words of wisdom, faith, and miracles.
  7. God wants believers to use their spiritual gifts to serve Him and to serve others in love.
  8. God sent 10 plagues to demonstrate that He is omnipotent, which means all-powerful, to show the Egyptians and Hebrews who worshipped the Egyptian gods that the false gods were powerless, and to convince Pharaoh to free the Hebrews.
  9. The 10 plagues are as follows: 1. waters become blood2. frogs 3. Lice (gnats) 4. flies 5. diseased livestock 6. boils 7. hail8. locusts 9. darkness 10. death of the firstborn.
  10. The Passover is defined as the night before the Exodus when the Hebrew people were passed over from harm by following God’s instructions during the tenth plague.
  11. The Hebrews had to be ready to leave on the night of the Passover.
  12. God provided the Hebrews with a way to escape the last plague by giving instructions for the Passover. The Hebrews were instructed to put the blood of a sacrificial lamb or goat on the two doorposts and lintel of each household.
  13. The Passover event foreshadowed Jesus Christ as the sacrificial Lamb. The Passover lamb was sacrificed for the release of the Hebrews out of slavery; Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb, who releases believers from the bondage of sin.
  14. The shedding of Christ’s blood on the cross provides release from the bondage of sin to all who accept this sacrifice.

Spelling Lesson List 6

  1. headache – a pain in the head
  2. magazines – Plural for magazine: periodicals with articles  
  3. granite – a fiery rock composed of mica, feldspar, and quartz  
  4. grace – favor given that is not earned or deserved   
  5. induct – to take into; install
  6. intersection – the location where lines intersect  
  7. strife – a quarrel, a struggle, or a bitter conflict  
  8. envy – a desire for another’s possessions or advantage
  9. section – a piece separated from a whole
  10. contact – a touch
  11. intact – not touched or broken; unbroken
  12. mercy – kindness or compassion towards others
  13. recede – to go back from a certain point or level
  14. proverb – a short saying or principle
  15. covenant – a promise
  16. duration – the period of time in which something lasts
  17. vital – necessary to maintain life
  18. vitality – the capacity to live and grow
  19. reconcile – to mend or restore a relationship
  20. verbal – relating to or consisting of words


Test Schedule

Spelling Pretest Monday, Sept. 12th

Spelling: List 6 – Test Friday, Sept. 16th Correct Spelling of Words

Spelling: List 6 – Definitions Test Thursday, September 15th

Bible: Chapter 5 (Tuesday, September 13th) Study guide posted last week.

Read and Comprehend Cold Reads – Every Friday!

Reading Vocabulary and Comprehension Test (The Silent Lobby) – Friday, September 16th (vocabulary – Reading notebook)


Homework: Please check your child’s agenda for daily homework. (i.e., math)

Study for upcoming tests!

Read AR book for 20 minutes each night.


Weekly Focus September 12-16

Bible – Chapter 6

Literature – The Silent Lobby; story element – theme

English – Nouns at Work: Chapter 2

Math – Chapter 2- estimation, adding/subtracting larger numbers whole numbers and decimals

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