Week of April 26th – 30th

Week of April 26th announcements: 

Parents – Please excuse my lack of updating my grades. I had a family emergency and missed some days of school. I am doing my best to update them as soon as I can. I have moved the upcoming test to Tuesday so the students have an extra day to study and I will review with them Monday. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Ms. Acevedo

Test 2 – Tuesday  

Will cover numbers 0-100 (los numeros), the parts of the body (El cuerpo), telling time (Que hora es), la sala de clases, and gramatica nouns (Masculine or feminine)

Please use all notes, all worksheets, all textbook pages (7-11) to help you study. I sent these to your emails.

If you need after/before school tutoring, please don’t hesitate to contact me and schedule a time.

Week Overview:



  • telling time
  • numbers 0-100
  • parts of the body
  • classroom objects
  • classifying masculine and feminine nouns

Monday: Review for test tomorrow – Recap of lessons

We will spend the class period reviewing for the test tomorrow. Any final questions will be answered. Students will be given examples of questions.

Tuesday: El alfabeto/The alphabet (Page 12)

  • Exercise 5 – page 12
  • Exercise 6 – page 13
  • Phrases “How do you spell ____?” “It’s spelled _____.”

Wednesday: Punctuation and accent marks (Yellow box page 13)

El calendario y la fecha (page 14)

  • Exercise 8-9 page 15

Thursday: Continue calendar and the date

  • core practice workbook pages 7-8
  • guided practice pages 11-18

Friday: Country of the day (TBD)

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