Week of April 26th – 30th

Week of April 26th announcements:

Bible verse quiz – Tuesday

Mini quiz on leisure activities vocabulary – Friday

Parents – Please excuse my lack of updating grades the past week. I had a family emergency and missed a few days of school. I am doing my best to catch up and update them ASAP. Thanks for understanding!

Continue chapter 4A

Chapter 4A – Adonde vas?

We are also adding enrichment vocabulary throughout the end of the year the topic this week will be emergency phrases.

Chapter 4A objectives:

  • Talk about locations in your community
  • Discuss leisure activities
  • Talk about where you go and with whom
  • Learn to ask questions
  • Understand cultural perspectives on leisure activities

Monday: Vocabulario en uso (Page 176-177)

  • Exercises 4-6 pgs. 176-177
  • Speaking practice

Tuesday: Bible verse quiz

Adonde vas (Page 178)

  • Exercise 8-10 pgs. 178-179

Wednesday: Gramatica: the verb ir (Page 180)

  • Exercises 11-13 (Page 180)

Thursday: Stress and accents (Page 183)

  • Guided practice workbook – pages 125-126
  • Core practice workbook – page 71

Friday: Mini quiz on leisure activities vocabulary

Vocabulary of the week – emergency phrases

  • Define important emergency phrases needed to know in case of an emergency
  • Enrichment videos

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