Week of April 4

By March 31, 2022 Mrs. Jessi Pitman


Got Game April 7

Heritage Packet Due April 8

Easter Chapel and Easter Party April 8: Christian/ Easter T-shirt

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling  p. 113 p. 114 p. 115 Got Game Test
Cursive p.113 p. 114 Test p. 115
Bible Review The  Last Supper Review Jesus’ Crucifixion Review Jesus’Resurrection

Collect packet for a grade

Easter SuperBook Video
Reading WB 289-290 WB 291-294 WB 295-296




Comprehension Test
Language Practice 68; Checkup 69 Review Chapter 24 Chapter 24 Test Introduce Poetry
Math p. 325-326 p. 327-328 p. 329-330 Easter Chapel
Social Studies p. 196-203

WB 48, 49, 51


Test Review

Chapter 4 Vocabulary Quiz


Ch. 4 Test


Heritage Packet Due

Easter Party

Bible verse:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Speed Drill +/-  Chapter 4.3 Vocabulary Quiz


Speed Drill +/-

Bible Packet Due

Language Test

Social Studies Test

Got Game




Spelling Test

Speed Drill +/-

Heritage Packet Due



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