Week of December 7th-11th

Chapter 2A – Tu día en la escuela

  • Talk about school schedules and subjects
  • Discuss what students do during the day
  • Ask and tell who is doing an action
  • Compare your school with that of a student from a Spanish-speaking country


Test on chapter 2A THURSDAY

Christmas project due FRIDAY 


Monday – Lectura (Page 90-91)

Read a brochure about a school in Costa Rica

  • Comprendes activity pg.91
  • Guided practice workbook page 67
  • Make a brochure similar to the one on page 91-92 based on First Baptist

Tuesday – Presentacion oral: Mis clases (Page 93)

El mundo hispano: Mexico (Page 94-95)

Talk about some of your classes

Learn facts about Mexico 

Application: Imagine that a student from Costa Rica has just arrived at your school. Tell the student about some of your classes.

  • Prepare, practice, evaluate, and present oral presentation pg. 93
  • Guided practice workbook page 68
  • Reading about Mexico pgs. 94-95
  • What are 5 things you would say about the USA to a student from a Spanish-speaking country that doesn’t know much about the US?
    • 5 complete sentences – use the short paragraphs on page 94-95 as a guide

Wednesday – Test Review Day

Review for test tomorrow

  • Test review packet
  • Videos on Mexican culture
  • Review for test tomorrow on chapter 2A – Chapter review pages 96-97 in textbook

Thursday – Test on Chapter 2A

Quarantined students will make up the test upon returning to school 

Friday – Christmas Project Due 

Presenting Christmas projects 

  • For students quarantined please email me an image of your project by Friday at 12 PM

Project Overview

  • Pick a common Christmas tradition or Christmas dish from both a Spanish-speaking country and from the USA
  • Include 5 facts about both (5 for the Spanish-speaking dish or tradition and 5 for the USA dish or tradition) (10 FACTS IN ALL)
  • Include an image or drawing of both
  • Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two
  • Can be on a small poster board or printer paper
  • Be organized, neat, and creative 🙂 Have fun!

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