Week of December 7th-11th

Chapter 2B – Tu sala de clases

  • Describe a classroom
  • Indicate where things are located
  • Talk about more than one object or person
  • Understand cultural perspectives on school


Mini-quiz Thursday – On classroom objects and location of objects vocabulary (Page 100-101)

Christmas project due Friday


Monday – Tu sala de clases (Page 98-99) (12/4/20) See below for work missed from last week

Vocabulario en contexto (Page 100-101) (12/4/20) See below for work missed from last week

Un raton en la clase (Pages 102-103)

Read, listen to and understand information about the classroom and where objects are located

  • Fondo cultural box read and answer the question at the end – page 98
  • Core workbook pages 40-41
  • Read the dialogue on pages 102-103
  • Exercise 3 page 103
  • Core workbook pages 42-43

Tuesday – Vocabulario en uso (Pages 104-105)

Communicate about a classroom, ask and tell how someone feels, talk about where someone or something is located, learning to use the verb estar, the plurals of nouns, and the plurals of articles 

  • Exercise 4-6 pages 104-105
  • Purple box will be on the quiz – bottom of page 105
    • a la izquierda de/to the left of
    • a la derecha de/to the right of

Wednesday – Exploracion del lenguaje – language through gestures (Page 106)

Gramatica – The verb estar (Page 107)

  • Fondo cultural orange box – page 106 Read and answer question at the end
  • Exercise 8 page 106
  • Exercise 9-10 page 107

Thursday – Mini-quiz on classroom objects and location of object vocabulary 

Quarantined students will make up the quiz upon returning to school 

  • Quiz is on the vocabulary found on pages 100-101 – blue terms
  • Worksheet vocabulary review for quiz tomorrow

Friday – Christmas Project Due 

Presenting Christmas projects 

  • For students quarantined please email me an image of your project by Friday at 2 PM

Project Overview

  • Pick a common Christmas tradition or Christmas dish from both a Spanish-speaking country and from the USA
  • Include 5 facts about both (5 for the Spanish-speaking dish or tradition and 5 for the USA dish or tradition) (10 FACTS IN ALL)
  • Include an image or drawing of both
  • Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two
  • Can be on a small poster board or printer paper
  • Be organized, neat, and creative 🙂 Have fun!

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