Week of February 1st-5th


Test Thursday on Chapter 2B

Bible Verse Quiz Friday 

Éste es mi mandamiento: Que se amen unos a otros, como yo los he amado. 

Juan 15:12

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

John 15:12

Week overview:

We will complete Chapter 2B – Tu sala de clases this week!

  • Describe a classroom
  • Indicate where things are located
  • Talk about more than one object or person
  • Understand cultural perspectives on school

Monday – Perspectivas del mundo hispano – Como es la escuela? (Page 116-117)

  • Presentacion oral – page 117
  • Page 82 Guided practice workbook

Tuesday – America Central (Page 118-119)

  • Para pensar questions on page 118
  • Video on Central America
  • Review for test tomorrow

Wednesday – Review Day

  • Review games for test tomorrow
  • Opportunity to ask questions

Thursday – Test on Chapter 2B

  • Test on 2B
  • If time allotted continue video series – Buena Gente

Friday – Bible Verse Quiz

  • Quiz
  • Soft introduction on what’s to come in Capitulo 3 – La Comida

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