Week of February 1st-5th


Bible verse quiz Friday 

Éste es mi mandamiento: Que se amen unos a otros, como yo los he amado. 

Juan 15:12

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

John 15:12

Chapter 3A objectives:

  • Talk about foods and beverages for breakfast and lunch
  • Talk about likes and dislikes
  • Express how often something is done
  • Understand cultural perspectives on meals

Week Overview:

Monday – Vocabulario en uso – Page 130

Using a noun to modify another noun Page 130

  • Exercise 7 – Page 129
  • Exercise 8 – Page 130
  • Yellow box questions

Tuesday – Practice ordering food at a Spanish restaurant 

  • Watch video on Spanish-speaking restaurant language
  • Translate vocabulary for common foods and drinks
  • Students will create a skit using newly learned vocabulary and present it to the class

Wednesday – Vocabulario en uso – Page 131

  • Exercises 9-11 page 131
  • Have students think of their favorite dish and write out the ingredients to make it in Spanish

Thursday – Gramatica – Present tense of -er and -ir verbs Page 132-133

  • Exercises 12-14
  • Guided practice page 93-94
  • Core practice page 53

Friday – Bible verse quiz Juan 15:12

Gramatica continued page 134

  • Quiz
  • Exercise 15-16 page 134
  • Fondo cultural box read and answer the question at the end

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