Week of January 10

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Homecoming week dress up days:

*Please make sure your child is dressed in school and weather appropriate clothing*

Monday—Pajamas (pants, shirts with sleeves, leggings if wearing a nightgown/nightshirt)

Slippers are not allowed for 1-5 grade since we will have outdoor recess time

Tuesday—Disney Day (dress up masks and face paint are not allowed)

Wednesday—Country or Country Club

Thursday—Dress like a teacher

Friday—Spirit Shirt, Jeans, Free Choice Shoes (appropriate for recess and PE)

Spelling p. 69 p. 70 p. 71 p. 72 Test
Cursive p. 69 p. 70 p. 71 Test p. 72
Bible p. 78 p. 79 p. 80 Test p. 81
Reading p. 183-184 p. 185-186 p. 187-190 p. 191-192 p. 193-194
Language Writing Assignment Writing Assignment Writing Assignment Writing Assignment Writing Assignment
Math p. 205-206

Speed Drill X10

p. 207-208 p. 209-210

Speed Drill X10

p. 211-212 p. 213-214

Speed Drill

+, -, X

Social Studies WB 9-10 Review Book Work Test 1 Parade/Pep Rally


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Speed Drill X 10 Social Studies Vocabulary Test 3


Speed Drill X 10 Cursive Test

Bible Test

Bible Verse Test

Bible Verse Written 3X Due Today

Oral Reading Evaluation

Social Studies Test 1

Spelling Test

Speed Drill +, -, x

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